Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Household Junk - Paint Tins

I was given five Indianapolis, IN Fine Art watercolor tins by a lovely art teacher. Stay tuned for what useful thing they become.


  1. Hey, Mike! Found you through The Greenpointers blog. I am following you here and following you on Twitter (although I am not a big Twitter fan!) -- I used to live in Greenpt., born and bred, and moved to CT. I miss Bklyn, so does my son. Guess we are city people at heart. Now, for your post today: I, too, love old tins. I have a couple from the 60's, old DuMaurier cigarette tins that were my father's!
    Well, nice meeting you and good luck with junking! Or, as I said in my tweet to you: can't we call it "antiquing?" ;)

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