Friday, June 25, 2010

Bike Junk - Raleigh SPRITES!

Junk Toucher - Making girls happy on Raleighs since 2009

Who likes Raleighs? Well, I have two new ones.

I bought this white one in Tribeca last week from a woman who had it her entire life. She was very adamant about it staying "original" but guess what?, the steel wheels were like 300 lb squares, the tires were cracked, and the breaks were really 50 year old erasers.

So now it's clean and sleek with aluminum wheels (coaster brake) and blue wall tires. I like it.

I bought his maroon one last night from a man who thought it was a men's bike. He rode a girl's Schwinn Varsity so I guess he didn't know the difference (He was from France [hand goes limp]). It was kind of expensive for not having a seat but it's all original and in perfect working order. Its a few years newer than the one above but there's not a thing wrong with it.

*Update - It matches my green Sprite with Brooks saddles and Michelin tires.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bike Junk - Columbia

My newest philosophy is: get junk, touch it, take a picture of it, and get it the fuck out of your house! As soon as you start to get attached to something A&E will be knocking on your door asking you to be on the new season of Hoarders.

I got this girls 1963 Columbia cruiser last night and I don't want to own it for more than a week. It's big and I don't need it so let's get it sold. Come and get it! [The dinner bell rings and the big gals come charging]

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bric a Brac Junk - Tool Box

Two tone tool box. It's my half tackle half tools daily user. Thats it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Furniture Junk - Birthday Chairs

I was late to my own birthday party last week because I stopped off at a school in the East Village to pick up a couple free chairs. There were about a dozen on the street but I could only carry two.

Envoy - American Seating Co.
Made in the USA
Grand Rapids, MI
They're gonna look real nice...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bike Junk - Bad Ass Crusier Bars

Huge 1970's Honda cruiser bars for a Stingray style bike (NWT!). $2 at a real junk sale. The stuff was so valuable it sat out in the rain for a few days! BIKES!
.Drop bars on top.

Decortive Junk - Post Office Key Cubby

This is an old post office key cubby or pigeon hole sorter, stamped 1959 USPS. It hasn't traveled too far from Hornell, NY.

I'd actually like to know what it's really called.

I have absolutely zero use for this piece of junk. It's huge (about 4' tall), heavy as hell, but I KNOW some country kitsch craving mom would love it.

Furniture Junk - Cosco Stools

I found two of these stools about 15 miles from Woodstock at a yard sale on Memorial Day weekend. I could have hit about 200 sales between Phoenicia and Woodstock that day.

The stools are made by Cosco in Columbus, IN and they seem pretty bullet proof. Cosco is famous for their kitchen step stool. The 60's chair/step stool that allowed ladies in high heels to get to groceries in hard to reach areas.

I guess ladies just aren't classy anymore.

These have a little wear on them but a little rust never hurt and the red vinyl looks great.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bric a Brac Junk - Skill Ball

Skee ball/Skill Ball, same thing. $2 for this completely useless but decortive piece of junk. It'll hang on the wall.

Bric a Brac Junk - Strip Along With Us

I found this record at a stoop sale in Brooklyn Heights for $1. It was in perfect shape until I rode around with it in my basket all day.

The old guy who I bought it from said it was his father's and that his dad was a filthy old man. That's good enough for me.

ARTIST: Miss Libby Jones

TITLE: Strip Along With Us

LABEL: Strand


DATE: 1963

Junk Touching

Let me touch your junk! I've been touching junk for as long as I can remember but now I'm going to keep record of it. New York City is both the best and worst for great junk. The streets are flooded with things people are throwing away and without alleys or dumpsters everything is at your fingertips. Its also full of over priced resale shops, antique shops, and over crowded annoying flea markets. Places where goofballs can say they bought their latest find at a "flea market" instead of a boutique on Bedford Ave.

This is my mini mobile junk getter before and after. 1974 Fuji Tourer. Look how hard this guy is checking it out! You're on the Brooklyn bridge, Bro. Soak it in! Your younger Asian girlfriend doesn't want to get caught staring.

I collect junk that is well made, rusty, American, simple, well designed, and unchanged. It's all junk and it's all cheap. Take it by the arm full, take it by box full...Just take it away.