Friday, June 11, 2010

Junk Touching

Let me touch your junk! I've been touching junk for as long as I can remember but now I'm going to keep record of it. New York City is both the best and worst for great junk. The streets are flooded with things people are throwing away and without alleys or dumpsters everything is at your fingertips. Its also full of over priced resale shops, antique shops, and over crowded annoying flea markets. Places where goofballs can say they bought their latest find at a "flea market" instead of a boutique on Bedford Ave.

This is my mini mobile junk getter before and after. 1974 Fuji Tourer. Look how hard this guy is checking it out! You're on the Brooklyn bridge, Bro. Soak it in! Your younger Asian girlfriend doesn't want to get caught staring.

I collect junk that is well made, rusty, American, simple, well designed, and unchanged. It's all junk and it's all cheap. Take it by the arm full, take it by box full...Just take it away.

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